Tongtian River "protect the dream" recorded in Qinghai Province, Yushu County, said Wang County, a number of teachers

Wang Hong teacher is a school famous workaholic
Body Chi Chi Jian, education to teach, to school as a home, not change the original heart. Take the children into the classroom master; is located in remote, poor weather, can not stop the continuous improvement of the heart of education ... ... Wang Hong With 28 years of educational practice, the interpretation of the sentence: the teacher's largest educational resources is their own life samples. - inscribed suffering from polio Wang Hong, although the walk is very convenient, but still chose the station podium, and this station is 28 years. 28 years of cold to the summer, the turn of the stars, Wang Hong watched a group of some Tibetan students out of the grasslands, out of the mountains, to a broader world, and he is more determined to adhere to and pay ... ... towering Ba Yan R Hill witnessed Wang Hong cast in the plateau full of sincere, honest herdsmen children bathed in Wang Hong 28 years as a day of fist love. As a special teacher of primary and secondary schools in Qinghai Province, Wang Hong with a heart of love woven the future of the children, with impressive performance interpretation of their own life to pursue - the local herdsmen and students affectionately called him " Riverside dreamer ". The body of the work of mad man said the county from the Yushu state government to more than 100 kilometers, an average elevation of 4500 meters. Here the natural conditions of hard, bad weather, the annual average temperature of minus 1.6 degrees Celsius. In 1988, just graduated from the Yushu National Normal School graduate Wang Hong, and did not like other students choose to stay in Yushu state or county work, but resolutely returned to his hometown called the county, and take the initiative to apply to the county 70 Km away from the town of Chieu town center boarding school to teach. Wang Hong childhood suffering from polio, resulting in his left foot two disability, which gave him the work, life brought a lot of inconvenience. Family, relatives and friends have advised him to change a job, but he decided to stay in the teaching position, because he really love the job. At that time the school just set up soon, weak, poor conditions, but he did not complain. First arrived at school, he assumed the graduation class teaching tasks, and served as the second grade physics teaching. Physical disability, the external environment of the hardships can not withstand the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of teaching. He not only overcome the difficulties, excellent completion of the teaching tasks, but also in the subsequent teaching work to create a miracle. Wang Hongchang said to people: to teach good books, good people have more trouble, spend more energy and time to understand students, care for students, students; the so-called education, in fact, teachers should have profound knowledge, but also There is a strong personality charm, to have love, a sense of responsibility. Indeed, after the beginning of his head, his morale and passion was fully excited out. He loves like a child, threw himself into the teaching line. In order to help backward students, he often give up the rest day for students free counseling. As the home away from the school far, in order to seize the time, he had to eat relatively close to the parents home, only in the evening back home. Xie Wuzhen Some people say that Wang Hong teacher is the parents as a hotel, his home as a hotel. Wang Hong teacher is a school famous workaholic. A work is always day and night, rarely go home, even his wife gave birth to hospital, he did not have time to take care of all the affairs of the family all fell on his wife a person. In order to manage the school every child, he ignored his young daughter, put her at home for more than a month to see one side. To this end, the family often complained that he was "the school to worry about people, home walk away dispensers." He is always a faint "students are not easy", still "go its own way." In 2005, in order to improve the quality of teaching, to play the advantages of the school's resources, said the county under the school's six village-level primary school fourth grade above all withdrawal to the central school, and in the county township school took the lead in the implementation of the boarding system management The At that time, a serious shortage of school logistics staff, Wang Hong teacher will take the lead to the night, do their best for students to do a good job. Once, students Dorje talented people, Bagh two truant, Wang Hong teacher timely contact with the parents, and led several teachers drove around to find. After a day and night to find, and finally found two students. He was responsible for this due diligence, respect for the behavior of the parents have been fully trust and love. Love is like a child of the father of the truth from love. Wang Hong is a good teacher with full love, noble ethics. In his view, engaged in the cause of national education teachers must have a broad, mother-like love, must have a public and forget the private, not the fame and fortune of the dedication. 28 years, he is so think, but also do so. In 1992, the school fourth grade students are very naughty, skipping, overwhelming teacher and other phenomena have occurred, is the school out of the name of the "eight King Kong classes." Such a mess, other teachers are reluctant to pick up, but Wang Hongxin accepted the class teacher. He took the trouble, with time and again home visits, talk, persuade education, individual counseling, so that the whole class of students thought a qualitative change. A semester down, the former "eight King Kong class" has become the top class of the school class, homework in the first class, the results of the school before the school. In 1994, the school has not yet implemented boarding management. The class is called a student of Sogny, poor family, home from the school very far, only in the school for a temporary stay, usually just get some easy to spend together. Wang Hong learned that the situation, in his life on his special care, often sent to him some of the supplies, told him "is the age of the body, we must pay attention to nutrition, do not bitter yourself." He is like his father Of the affectionate love, so that Sogny was moved. Wang Hong has always wanted to do a thoughtful, innovative teacher. Engaged in the cause of national education, he often seriously study the concept of new curriculum reform, the overall progress of the discipline and rapid development as a goal, the students experience, social life into the curriculum teaching, entertaining. In the teaching, he insisted on the guiding ideology of "student-oriented", carefully studied teaching materials, changed the traditional teaching methods, boldly tried new teaching methods, made the boring class democratization, scientific and artistic, into the students to learn Knowledge of the whereabouts of nutrition. His innovative teaching methods and unique teaching style by the leadership, colleagues, parents, students praise, is recognized as a teaching expert. 2003 was named Yushu "teaching experts". 2010 4? 14 Yushu earthquake, Wang Hong regardless of physical disability, and actively participate in disaster relief work, organize some teachers for several days in the first line of relief. In the donation for the disaster area, he led the donation, the amount of the largest amount of donations. In addition, he also pocketed the purchase of a large number of food, beverages, etc. to Yushu orphan school to visit the affected teachers and students, for the students gave a love. In 2014, said the County Department of Education called on teachers to go pastoral village far school village to carry out teaching and education activities, Wang Hong teachers regardless of physical disability, the first to participate in the application, and personally led the team to the most difficult village Xiaohong primary school to teach The Wang Hong can pull a good organ. But now, his hands are cold and stiff when the cold air of the plateau is eroded. The hands picked up the firewood, burned the water, washed the clothes for the students, hair, holding the orphans, wiped the tears on the child's face, but rarely pull the organ. Now suffering from severe emphysema, the drug from the body, but never thought to leave school, leave the teaching post. Because he knew that the school needs to do too much, no time to pull the piano, no reason to leave. As the most basic areas of the rural teachers, Wang Honggan ladder, selfless dedication, innovation and progress, the spirit of working hard to move, infected with the local everyone. His 28 years of stick and hard work, has now been precipitated as a spiritual fertile soil; he put the love filled with students, so that the seeds of hope to grow, the Yushu students hope for learning and dreams into reality. In his efforts, the local pastoral school out of school from the initial 30%, into the current enrollment rate of 99%. He taught 60 students admitted to the university, more than 220 admitted to college, secondary school Wang Hong in 2002 was named the county people's government awarded the "outstanding teachers" honorary title; in 2012 was named more county education bureau named "earthquake relief advanced individual"; in 2012 by the Qinghai Provincial People's Government as "primary and secondary schools in Qinghai Province Special teachers ", in 2015 by the Qinghai Province as" excellent primary and secondary school teachers. " Wang Hong is a school teacher recognized as a "learning teacher", is the leader of the team leader and lead the way. He actively participated in educational research activities, earnestly writing research papers, the essay "how to cultivate students in the physical experiment ability" has been published in the "Education and Teaching Research" magazine and won the first prize; "how to guide students creative thinking ability "Published in" Wen Yuan "magazine, and won the first prize. He seized every opportunity to participate in training, and constantly enrich their own minds. Every time the study returns, he must seriously sum up, reflection, learn the advanced concepts used in education and teaching. Diligent study, constant accumulation so that he gradually mature, his classroom has become a paradise for students to explore knowledge, became colleagues "learn", "charge" of the treasure. Some new teachers have just begun to engage in teaching work puzzled, not lesson preparation, lectures, Wang Hong will often over and over again to explain the lesson preparation methods, their teaching experience without reservation to other teachers, so that everyone Learn from each other, grow together and progress. Until the new teachers can work independently and freely carry out teaching. In 2012, Wang Hong served as school party branch secretary, at the same time and "ideological and moral" class. As a member of the Communist Party, he kept in mind the purpose of the party, always with a grass-roots party branch secretary of the strict requirements of their own, give full play to the vanguard role of the Communist Party members, the first to set foot on duty, conscientious, earnestly, And life care for students everywhere, and students to do intimate exchanges, and strive to heart to heart, love love, wake up the child's mind, so that they feel, the teacher is kind, the school is warm. As the direct leadership of moral education, the school under his leadership adhere to the "moral education led, educating people, quality first, innovation first" party building objectives, the teachers and students of ideological and political education, school security stability work In the first place. He often deep into the middle of teachers and students to understand the ideological dynamics, good teachers and students to help work, and strictly strengthen the party's grassroots organizations, establish a sound school moral education network. Over the past few years, the school did not happen any safety, instability, the school in 2013, said the county school party building work evaluation has made the third good results. Silly one will never regret, only for the peach Li competing open. In the face of achievements and honors, Wang Hong is not complacent, and some are more calm and thinking. As an educator, he tirelessly put into teaching, meticulous care of students, and always "learn high for the division, Tak high for the Fan" in mind. He is full of enthusiasm for the work of the interpretation of the infinite love of national education, with silence to express the loyalty of education, he used the sweat casting teacher soul, with the love of sowing hope, he would like to take the dream of students wrestling wings! Swept away this page (Editor: Zhong Jianfeng)

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