Men indecent ladies were beaten for burglary to grab the bus steering wheel

The defendant who robbed the steering wheel was guilty of a dangerous way to endanger public safety
Anhui Daily reported on November 22, in a high-speed bus, a male passenger indecent a female passenger, the female passenger's husband beaten meal, male passengers also by other passengers accused. Surprisingly, male passengers angry, actually grab the bus steering wheel, causing the bus to drop the highway. Tragedy caused a total of 6 people were killed and 33 injured. Recently, the male passenger suspected of dangerous way to endanger the crime of public safety, in Suzhou City, Anhui Province Intermediate People's Court for public trial. At the time of the trial, in the face of iron-like evidence, the defendants refused in all respects, most of the crimes committed to remember, or do not know the stall, but eventually pleaded guilty, repentance. November 17, robbed the steering wheel of the defendant of a certain allegedly dangerous way to endanger public safety, in Suzhou City, Anhui Province, the public hospital for trial. Wen Moumou, born in September 1971, Henan Province, the city of people. According to the prosecution allegations, March 25, 2016 am 5 am, the defendant of a certain person because of the same car passengers Zhang Moumou chest, and Zhang Moumou couples tingling, causing other people condemned unanimously. 10 minutes later, the text of a certain private vent, in the bus line to even Huo high-speed Zhengzhou direction 264KM +810 (located in Suzhou City, Anhui Province Xiaoxian territory), snatch and pull the bus steering wheel, causing the vehicle out of control from the highway Fall, resulting in 6 people were killed, 33 people were injured, the serious consequences of vehicle damage. The procuratorial organs shall consider that criminal responsibility should be pursued in a dangerous way for the crime of public safety. Court, the prosecution authorities to produce a text without a mental illness, the same car passenger witness testimony and the Bank of the public security organs in the statement and so on. Because of the deep knowledge of the crime of a certain face of the public prosecution of the cross-examination is a denial of all the crimes committed to most of the remember, or do not know the stall. But the final text of a certain confession, repentance. As the case is complex, the court after a full collegiate, the electorate.

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