Zhejiang, a 26-year-old school teacher cheated 12-year-old primary school students were detained

Or a river of migrant workers in the third grade school teacher
A 1988, watching the gentle men, and 14-year-old girl cohabitation, also gave birth to a daughter. After breaking up, but also cheated 12-year-old primary school students open room. The key of this person's identity, or a migrant workers in the river school third grade teacher. This wonderful class teacher surnamed Wang, Hubei Enshi people, was born in 1988. Two years ago, to Pujiang a migrant school children to teach, now is the third grade primary school teacher, teaching language. Wangmou is not old, but already has a 5-year-old daughter, raised in the home by their parents. The child's mother is only 19 years old this year, a few months ago, the two broke up on the conflict. Wangmou lonely, and in September this year, the school came a Guizhou girl red (a pseudonym), 12 years old, read the fourth grade. Wangmou see small red lively and lovely, take the initiative to contact her, often give her to buy some candy to eat, the two often chat on the QQ. November 9 at 7 o'clock, Wang Mou a little red from home, to a hotel in the River. They drank some beer together. Wangmou took the opportunity to also red and pro and hold and touch, her clothes stripped, said to hold together to sleep. Little red down awake, struggling. Wangmou see a small red death from, had to give her a room opened. Xiaohong a person locked the door of the room, covered his head in the quilt night did not sleep. The next morning, Wang Mou gave her 15 dollars, so she bought some food, in fact, "sealing fee": Do not say anything to the night, and then left. On the other side, little red parents broke up badly, looking for her daughter everywhere, the phone can not get through. November 9 at 11 o'clock, went to the police station reported a missing case. The next day, the sleepless parents see missing 17 hours of daughter peace back home, very happy. Can be a daughter's experience, the couple legs are soft, and immediately took her daughter to the police station. Pujiang County Public Security Bureau of Pu Nan police station after the case, immediately to the school, the Wangmou brought back to investigate. At first, he did not admit it. After more than two hours of interrogation, Wang Mou was a little account. At present, Wang Mou suspected of indecent girl was detained, the relevant case is still under investigation. (Correspondent Ma Jianli reporter Zhu Lizhen)

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