The Kuomintang does not divide the people on behalf of Wang Jinping the first layout of the county mayor election campaign

The list enters the final nomination phase
Kuomintang non-zoning "legislators" list into the final nomination stage, Taiwan "Legislative Yuan" Wang Jinping is still named the first candidate. It is understood that 2018 Taiwan Mayor election layout is an important consideration. According to Taiwan's "China Times" reported that the DPP announced yesterday no zoning "legislators" list, the KMT also entered the final nomination stage, although according to the "China Times" reported It is understood that, in addition to Taiwan, "Legislative Yuan" Wang Jinping to determine the first column, Yunlin Zhang Zhang Shan Shan also a few sure to enter the security list, but also to ensure that the number of days, It is important to consider the layout of the mayor of Taiwan in 2018. The Kuomintang plan, the non-zoning list was reported on the 18th, and then held on the 21st of the Central Committee, was nominated by the nominee to exercise the right of consent, the right to use the list and the ranking of the 23rd reported to the party chairman Zhu Lilun approved. No division nominated group convenor Hao Longbin said that Zhu Lilun returned to Taiwan next Monday, two days after the opening time often oppression, so "temporarily retain the flexibility." The Democratic Party is seeking two years after the election of the mayor of the county mayor, the KMT Secretary-General Li Sanchuan said that the principle of non-division nomination: first, to be representative; : Finally, to the image of fresh, in particular, there will be a lot of young people to join, representative list contains environmental protection, social welfare and other fields, and even overseas will probably have. Under the instructions of Zhu Lilun, the nomination of non-zoning will be given priority in the election of the mayor of the next county, but there will be other comprehensive conditions. Therefore, as the vice-chairman of the seven-member group nominated by the Party Central Committee, , Also heard in the list, is expected to be elected in the next mayor of Chiayi battle, get back to the regime. As for the Administrative Officer system, based on the "combat effectiveness" function considerations, qualifying opportunities are not large, at present only a good social image of the officials have more opportunities. The other is also included in the same as a seven-member team of Ma Ying-jeou's office secretary-general Zeng Yongquan, the current "legislators" Huang Zhaoshun, Su Qingquan, Luo Shulei and so are in the fight. It is understood that the list of the DPP after the baked, the Kuomintang pressure is not small, the security list is estimated only 12 seats in the case, the party system will probably be the first to be excluded.

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