From the Third Session of the National People 's Congress to See the Year of Generalization of Ruling by Law

The development of people 's democracy must adhere to the rule of law and the maintenance of constitutional legal authority
The draft of the legislative amendments was formally submitted to the National People 's Congress for consideration on March 10. This marks the "law of law" in the implementation of the law after 15 years, will usher in taxation statutory, local legislative power, legislative and reform relations and many other major themes in a first "overhaul." Xiao Zhi governance, in the rule of governance, Dazhi legislation. To rule the country in an all - round way, we must consolidate the legislative foundation from the source, strengthen the legislation in important areas, and ensure that the state development and major reform are well documented. In this context, many of the highlights of legislative work in the past year have become the focus of discussion - the first revision of the Environmental Protection Law, to increase the responsibility and punishment of environmental violations; the first revision of the Administrative Procedure Law, The implementation of a comprehensive and standardized, open and transparent budget system ... ... "National People's Congress more emphasis on the leading role in the legislative process, through the development of the tax law, Legislation to promote and implement major reform initiatives. "National People's Congress, Nanjing First Hospital, said Chen Xin, vice president. Education, health care, housing, pension ... ... during the General Assembly, these representatives are concerned about the issue, and both are involved in the complex pattern of interests, led by the body of the "hard bone." The more the reform, the more need from the institutional mechanisms to find the root causes of the problem and the solution, the more the system from the system planning and comprehensive support, the more emphasis on legislation to lead and promote reform in various fields. A number of deputies pointed out by the National People's Congress (NPC) pointed out that the work of "legislation, change, waste and release", which highlights the scientific and democratic spirit, will further clarify the path for the comprehensive rule of law and the deepening of reform and breakthrough. Comprehensive rule of law, we must further promote the administration according to law, accelerate the construction of government by law. This year's government work report to make a more clear response - "Avenue to Jane, the right to be arbitrary" "All administrative acts should be lawful, any government departments are not allowed to legal power" "the government work into the rule of law track "...... read between the lines, the rule of law will further become government basis and yardstick. The reform of the administrative examination and approval system is to promote the government reform, to create the rule of law, "the first move." Some NPC deputies said that only by completely defining the line of power according to laws and regulations, the reform of the examination and approval system and the overall reform of administrative power, the examination and approval system reform can continue to deepen, and really play a role in leveraging the government's own reform. Comprehensive rule of law, must ensure a fair administration of justice, improve the credibility of the judiciary. For how to ensure that "justice is the lifeline of the rule of law," "two high" report revealed more real strokes, real strokes - the Supreme People's Court put forward, will severely punish the serious crimes against the people of all kinds of crime, promote innovation three-dimensional society Public security prevention and control system, improve the crime of corruption of criminals in accordance with the law, and actively promote the trial as the center of the litigation system reform, improve the judicial convenience and information platform, deepen the trial process, the referee instruments, the implementation of information three open platform construction ... ... The Supreme People's Procuratorate proposed to increase the pollution of the four types of environmental pollution, highlighting the investigation and handling of state-owned assets caused by the loss of resources, loss of cases, focusing on investigating the leading organs and important positions of leading cadres of the crime, and resolutely punish the people's livelihood, especially agriculture The field of violations of the rights and interests of the people of crime, improve the case of timely detection and correction of grievances ... ... "The result of judicial reform is to let the people in every case can feel fair and just the two high reports, let us appreciate the judiciary Is moving towards fairness and justice People look forward. "National People's Congress, Mayor of Lu'an City, Anhui Province Bi Xiaobin said. The authority of the law lies in the implementation of the law of the vitality is also implemented. The work report of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) said that the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) should take over the supervisory duties conferred by the Constitutional Law and strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the law. Adapt to comprehensively promote the new situation of governing the country according to law, and promote the administration of "one government and two houses" according to law, and impartial justice to ensure the correct and effective implementation of the law. Coherence consensus sounded horn - full rule of law in the new layout sail as of March 10 at 12 o'clock, the Twelfth National People 's Congress three meeting has received 521 cases. These laws of the wisdom of the parties, the "law" does not unexpectedly become a high frequency word - proposed the development of soil pollution prevention and control, comprehensive utilization of resources, wetland protection and other aspects of the law, more effectively promote the ecological environment and resources Comprehensive application; proposed to amend the judge law, the prosecutor law, crack deepening the reform of the judicial system encountered some problems; require the NPC Standing Committee on the important laws of the people's livelihood to carry out law enforcement to ensure the effective implementation of the law, and earnestly safeguard the legal authority ... ... "Whether it is reform and development and stability, internal and political defense, or the rule of the party and government, all need to rule by the rule of law, the use of law enforcement, by the rule of law to carry out." National People's Congress, Heilongjiang Province Long Li law firm The Peking University Law School Professor Jiang Mingan pointed out that the central "four comprehensive" strategic layout, a comprehensive rule of law is one of the important components. Comprehensively abide by the rule of law and comprehensively deepen the reform, comprehensively and strictly adhere to the party, and jointly provide a reliable guarantee for the strategic goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way. Comprehensive rule of law, but the area of ​​governance the country an extensive and profound revolution. Through the window of the National People's Congress, people deeply feel that the rule of law is full of the new aspirations of the whole society and a broader consensus on reform and development. "All our well-being is based on the rule of law. The rule of law, with the rule of law protection, the country can long-term prosperity and stability. "National People's Congress, Henan Tianlun Group Chairman Zhang Yincen full sense of the country in accordance with the law particularly deep. "The practice of a comprehensive rule of law, to understand and grasp the relationship between the economy and the rule of law.The socialist market economy is essentially the rule of law economy, stable and excellent new normal economic trends, the need for the protection and regulation of the rule of law." National People's Congress , Bengbu City, Anhui Province Mayor Bai Jinming that. "The prerequisite for the whole people to abide by the law is the universal law, the people are the foundation, the leading cadres are heavy.To the effect of popularization into the law of law-abiding people's inner consciousness, the whole people have a firm belief in the law, the power of law will become very powerful. deputies, Beipiao Inzannashi high school teachers in Liaoning Province Liu Hongyan said. We must in accordance with laws and regulations to expand and promote the country's various undertakings and the work to ensure equal participation of people, equal development rights. Through the window of the National People's Congress, it is clear that a comprehensive rule of law will promote the modernization of the state governance system and governance capacity to a new level - improve the socialist market economy legal system, improve democratic political legislation, promote social law , Strengthen the culture, education, ecological legislation, promote national security law and order building ... ... the next year, a series of legislative projects will be in full swing, orderly start. Strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the law, strengthen the supervision of the work of the "House of the House and the House" and increase the supervision of the budget and final accounts ... In the coming year, "the power of any state organ and its staff shall be restricted And supervision "will be more strictly implemented. Adhere to and deepen the members of the Committee meeting members, members of the Standing Committee directly contact the representative system, research and development representatives to contact the people working opinions, improve the representative of the proposed mechanism ... ... the next year, the relevant system, the establishment of a sound mechanism will further promote the realization "For the people's right to use for the people, for the people". The system of the people's congress, which is deeply rooted in the social soil of China, is a concentrated expression of the socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics. Through this window, people firmly believe that a comprehensive rule of law will provide a more solid system for the development of socialist democracy with a strong vitality - "in China, the development of socialist democratic politics, to ensure that people are the masters of the country, to ensure that the country Political life is full of vitality and stability and orderly, the key is to uphold the party's leadership, the people are the masters of the country, according to the law of the organic unity of the people's congress system is to uphold the party leadership, the people masters, Arrangements. "Xi Jinping, general secretary of the profound discussion, for the development of China's democratic political and national rule of law pointed out the direction of progress. This is the glorious task given by the times - "we must give full play to the fundamental political system of the people's congress system, continue to adopt the people's congress system firmly in the hands of the state and the future of the people in the hands of the people." This is the era of major propositions - "must adhere to the rule of law as the party leading the people to control the country's basic strategy, the rule of law as the basic way of governing the country, the rule of law continue to push forward the Chinese construction." New dreams to arouse the new mission, New force. In the new historical starting point of coordinating and promoting the "four comprehensive", the supreme organ of state authority will play a more important role in maintaining the institutionalization, standardization and procedural struggle of socialist democratic politics. , Carry forward the spirit of the rule of law, leading the people of all nationalities to build a socialist country ruled by law, and jointly create a more happy and beautiful future! Xinhua Beijing March 14 (Reporter Zou Wei, Ji Ming, Fang Lok) vitality of the spring, it is Yang whip hoof of the season. 2015 is to promote the rule of law in the first year of the year. The annual National People's Congress, so it is of special importance.广纳 wise words, a total of good law good governance. From the Great Hall of the bright stars under the lights, to the sub-group to consider the venue above, and therefore showing a new duty-paying atmosphere - more rule of law attention, more profound rule of law thinking, more firm rule of law faith. The rule of law, like a red line, throughout the General Assembly, but also to the world: the rule of law in China, from here to start a new voyage. Vividly reflect the centralized test - a comprehensive pace of the rule of law to take a new step on the morning of March 8, is the General Assembly this year to arrange a special review of the draft budget time. The most intuitive feeling of the delegates is that this year's "national books" are thicker and more informative and transparent, not only three government budgets, five departmental budgets, and one color version of the government budget Interpretation "as a reference material, through the charts, comics, WeChat and other forms to help representatives to better understand the government budget. "This fully embodies the 'government's total income and expenditure should be included in the budget' legal requirements, but also to protect the representative of the review and supervision of power." National People's Congress, Jiangxi Provincial Finance Department Director Hu Qiang said. Supervision is an important power of the Constitution and the law to the National People's Congress, but also an important manifestation of the rule of law. The vivid scenes of the delegates' exercise of statutory powers are visible from time to time during the General Assembly - "This year's budget report did not find a 4% 'red line' commitment to education spending. Does it mean that education investment will be reduced?" National People's Congress, Shanghai China and Japan Garment Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhu Xueqin expressed doubts. During the two sessions, the Treasury Secretary Lou Jiwei's explanation let her eat reassurance: at this stage, education is still the focus of expenditure. "The government mentioned the paid vacation in the plan report did not reflect how?" Review of the plan and budget report, the National People's Congress, Tsinghua University professor Cai Jiming on the spot comments. A few days later, Cai Jiming to get the official response of the Development and Reform Commission, "paid leave" will be included in the plan report. Always speak of law, everything is standardized. The Law of the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, which is submitted to the General Assembly for consideration, is the most prominent keyword: - In the past year, a total of 20 draft laws, 10 legal amendments, 2 laws and 8 Legal interpretation. - Over the past year, we have listened to the 13 working reports of "one government and two houses", checked the implementation of the four laws, carried out three special inquiries, and four special investigations. - In the past year, in accordance with the Constitution and the relevant laws and regulations, timely decision on the general election of the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the launching of criminal cases, the establishment of intellectual property courts, the establishment of national constitutional days and martyrs and other important issues to make a decision. Those who change from time to time, know who with the system Combing the work of the NPC Standing Committee in all aspects of the new results, the new progress, "system" impressive: - to tighten the budget management system, this fence, instructed the relevant aspects of the audit identified seriously rectification, seriously asked responsibility. The amount of the rectification of the audited units amounted to 106.25 billion yuan to restore and avoid the loss of 3.39 billion yuan, according to the audit recommendations to develop and improve the rules and regulations 3122. - for the constraints of agricultural and rural development of the deep-seated problems, stressed the need to improve the urban and rural development mechanism and mechanism to improve the new rural construction planning scientific, forward-looking, inclusive, sound financial and financial support long-term mechanism. - for the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" to implement the mid-term assessment reflects the part of the energy-saving emission reduction targets to complete the progress of the lag problem, made a greater determination to make more efforts to energy-saving emission reduction as a way to adjust the structure Of the important starting point, strengthen the target responsibility system and accountability, and resolutely eliminate backward production capacity. The development of people's democracy must adhere to the rule of law, safeguard the constitutional legal authority, make democracy institutionalized and legalized. National People's Congress, Beijing Tianda Republican Lawyers Li Dajin deep understanding of this. Last year, he attended the NPC Standing Committee meeting four times to discuss the issue of legislation. "Members of the Standing Committee to discuss the meeting will be invited to participate in. After the legislative motion, the draft law will be open on the Internet, to the whole society for advice, this is the embodiment of democratic legislation, and has formed a mechanism." NPC Standing Committee The National People's Congress will also establish more systems to achieve public orderly participation, such as the establishment of a system of expert consultants for legislation, the establishment of a grass-roots legislative point of contact system, to better gather public opinion. , Focus on wisdom.

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